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Fearmakers is now on

Twitter. Will the horror

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Fearmakers will be at

Horrorfind Weekend

Sept. 25-27, 2009

premiering SAVAGE. Stars

Martin Kove, Tony Becker,

and Lisa Wilcox will be in



DEATH4TOLD Stars Margot Kidder

and Tom Savini will also be at

Horrorfind Weekend. What are

you waiting for? ROAD TRIP!



Lydia Chandler

(DISMAL Ass Kicker) is in the

news! The StarNewsOnline,

based out of Wilmington, NC,

interviewed Lydia and you

can read it here.



New Fearmakers site goes live!

Pretty nifty, huh?


Free Screening January 10th in Wilmington, NC thalianhall.com
There will be a FREE
screening of DISMAL at
Thalian Hall in Wilmington,
NC on Saturday, January
10th at 8pm.  No reservations
needed! Click the link to view
information about the location.

DISMAL in Girls and Corpses Magazine
DISMAL is spotlighted in the October 2008 issue of Girls and Corpses magazine.  Look for photos of Lydia Chandler, Capel Kane, and Meagan Reedy on page 74.  Girls and Corpses is distributed through bookstores and newsstands across North America.

Scaldcrow Games Blogs on DISMAL and Fearmakers
Scaldcrow Games talked to Fearmakers Studios at Horrorfind Weekend earlier this year and caught a peek at DISMAL. 

"I also met the extraordinary trio of film makers Justin, Bo, and Christopher of Fearmakers and had a chance to sample the sneak preview of thier upcoming movie, Dismal. When you see this film, get it. It has one of the most disturbingly portrayed villains I have seen. Having filmed in the swamps of Georgia, they admitted to being a little nervous about aligators. Funny thing is just before the sneak preview of the film I heard that some hunters claimed to have discovered the body of a bigfoot in Georgia swamps. Maybe alligators shouldn’t have been thier biggest concern."


Click the link and go to the 8th paragraph from the top to see the comments in their native environment.

Another Gary King Interview
Director Gary King was interviewed by Art Nouveau magazine.  Hit the link to take a peek.

Will Triplett on Rotting Flesh Radio
Rotting Flesh Radio caught up with Will Triplett at Horrorfind Weekend and forced him to do an interview.  Triplett played "Gary" in DISMAL and is obviously used to being forced into things.  His segment is about a third of the way through.

Producer Justin Soponis on Indie Production Source
Producer Justin Soponis is interviewed on Indie Production Source - Episode 009.  His segment is about half way through the episode and he talks about the production coordinator's job.  The link will take you there.

Fangoria.com Exclusive
Fangoria.com posted an article about DISMAL, complete with exclusive quotes and pictures.

Click on the link to read the article and see the bloody pics

Huge Horrorfind Success
DISMAL was a huge success at Horrorfind Weekend and received INCREDIBLY positive feedback.  The post premiere Q&A session, comment cards, and focus group will be invaluable for making DISMAL an even better horror experience.  We would like to thank everyone who participated at the event.  Horror fans are the best!

New Images In Gallery
New production images have been uploaded to the gallery.  Check 'em out.