DEATH4TOLD (released in 2004)


Written by Bo Buckley, DEATH4TOLD is a feature length project containing four short films of horror and suspense: “The Dolls House,” “Folklore,” “World’ Most Haunted,” and “The Psychic.”


“The Doll’s House” : To cure his writer’s block, Stephen and his wife, Anne, move to a small town. The large, Victorian house seems like the solution to his problems, but in reality it is just the beginning. Locked away in the attic is a secret that has been kept hidden for years. Now Stephen is about to find out why. “World’s Most Haunted” : The TV show “World’s Most Haunted Places” challenges families to spend the night in a selected “haunted” location. Before each taping a crew is sent out to prep the scene and make it difficult for each family member to make it through the night. What the crew doesn’t know is that this time there is something waiting inside that will make it difficult to get out… alive. “Folklore” : Three college couples head off deep into the woods for a night of camping and binge drinking. All signs point to their deadly mistake. The question is, will they heed the warnings or challenge the legends? “The Psychic” :The future is in the cards, and the cards are dealt by a sleight of hand expert named Madam Badeau. Her philosophy is “a happy customer is money in the bank,” but not every ending is a happy one. One turn of the card can change everything and fate will not be denied.






Margot Kidder (Madam Badeau)

Margot Kidder’s film and television career spans over 30 years. Most famous for her role as the beautiful Lois Lane in the SUPERMAN franchise, Kidder has quite a horror background starring in one of the scariest and most acclaimed horror films of all time, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. True horror fans will also remember her from THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD, BLACK CHRISTMAS, and Brian De Palma’s SISTERS, and even a guest appearance on the HBO hit, TALES FROM THE CRYPT.


Tom Savini (Man)

If anyone could be called “Mr. Horror” it would be Tom Savini. His list of horror credits, including such films as CREEPSHOW and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, are a testament to his incredible work in the horror genre as an actor, director, special effects wizard, stunt man, and more. He also has a special FX makeup school in Monessen, PA.



Alicia Goranson (Joyce)

Alicia “Lecy” Goranson is best known for her role as Becky on ROSEANNE. She left ROSEANNE in 1988 to attend Vassar College as an English major with a concentration in poetry. Goranson has more recently appeared in BOYS DON'T CRY (Candace), and HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT (Young Hy). She portrays Joyce in DEATH4Told.




C. Michael Close


Mike Close has had success directing many shorts, music videos, PSAs and the indie feature film, SON FLOWER SEEDS.


A special thanks goes out to the fantastic crew who made DEATH4Told possible! The full cast and crew listing is on the Internet Movie Database.


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