DISMAL (Released 2009)

The Great Dismal Swamp spans over a hundred thousand acres. Home to countless species, it is a place teeming with life… and death. For the top of the food chain lives in a dingy cabin deep in the heart of the swamp, and he has appetite for human flesh.

Dana is failing Biology. Her affliction towards creepy critters has tested her will power and her grade. In order to pass, she must brave a trek into a remote region of the swamp along with several classmates, the newly coupled Gary and Shelly, all-star stud Jamal and his sexy companion Eve. Led by their awkward teaching assistant, Curt, they soon find out this simple assignment will be a test of survival. Where they are going it’s eat or be eaten. 

DISMAL is an intense, heart-pounding dish served with a side of gore that every true horror fan must see. Director Gary King takes his first trip into the genre and delivers a stylish 70’s vision with a hot cast, plenty of action and enough twists and turns to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The cast includes newcomers Lydia Chandler, Will Triplett and Capel Kane and a performance by Bill Oberst, Jr. as the creepy ranger, Dale, that you won’t want to miss.

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Bill Oberst, Jr. (Ranger Dale)

Bill has appeared in various TV shows such as Animal Planet's LOST TAPES and the History Channel's feature film "SHERMAN'S MARCH where he played General William Tecumseh Sherman. His theatre experience includes JESUS OF NAZARETH and over 650 performances of LEWIS GRIZZARD: IN HIS OWN WORDS. Bill has also toured as John F. Kennedy and Mark Twain. Originally from South Carolina, Bill currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as an actor. He is seen by millions of internet viewers as the morally ambiguous Dr. Leonard Alderman, a regular character in the popular web series, "LG15: THE RESISTANCE. In addition to playing Ranger Dale in DISMAL, his feature film work includes the role of Sheriff Gaston in THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, as well as leading roles in three feature films set for release in 2009.

  Bill Oberst Jr.

Lydia Chandler (Dana)

Currently living in Wilmington, North Carolina, Lydia has appeared in TV commercials for companies such as Comcast High Speed Internet and as a news anchor on New Hanover County Schools TV. Her theatre experience includes THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER and FAME. Lydia was in numerous student films before making her professional feature film debut as Dana in DISMAL.


  Lydia Chandler

Time Ira Morris (Curt)

Originally from Atlantic, North Carolina, Tim currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia.  He spent four years in the Navy before taking acting classes at the Zarro Acting Academy.  Tim’s television experience includes an episode of “A Haunting” on The Discovery Channel and “John Adams” on HBO.  Prior to playing Curt in “Dismal,” Tim also appeared in the films “Sweet Angevine” and “Hind Sight.” 


  Tim Ira Morris

Jade Arnold (Jamal)

Currently living in Wilmington, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Jade has appeared in various theatre productions including TOM STOPPARD'S FIFTEEN MINUTE HAMLET and FUDDY MEERS. He launched his professional career by appearing in a First Citizens Bank commercial prior to making his feature film debut as Jamal in DISMAL.

  Jade Arnold

Jack Harrison (Idiot)


Jack is an actor and stuntman. He has appeared in commercials for Toys for Tots and in a national PSA, IDENDITY THEFT AT THE WORK PLACE. In addition to playing Idiot in DISMAL, he was in the film SCORPION'S STORM and also portrayed Bigfoot in Fearmakers’ SAVAGE. Originally from Meadville, Pennsylvania, Jack currently lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.



Capel Kane (Shelly)

Capel has appeared in TV commercials for Dick’s Sporting Goods and IBM. Her theatre experience includes productions of THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS and THREE SISTERS. She made an appearance on the TV series ONE TREE HILL as a cheerleader, and was in the films “THE 5th QUARTER and MISERABLE PEOPLE. Capel lives in Southern Pines, North Carolina and is a Dramatic Arts major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She portrays Shelly in DISMAL.

  Capel Kane

Meagan Reedy (Eve)


Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, Meagan began modeling at age 12. She appeared in the television pilot RAVEN ROCK as Mackenzie Rollins, one of the lead roles. Meagan made her feature film debut as Eve in DISMAL.

  Meagan Reedy

Will Triplett (Gary)


Will’s theatre experience includes over 25 productions including ROMEO AND JULIET and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. He has appeared on television episodes of LAW AND ORDER: SVU and LAW AND ORDER: PRIME. Will has appeared in the feature horror film SISTER'S in addition to playing Gary in DISMAL. Will was born in Durham, North Carolina and currently lives in New York.

  Will Triplett

Brent Lovell (Brady)


Brent has appeared in a dozen television productions including PALMETTO POINTE and GRAND STRAND. His theatre experience includes THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH and THE WIZARD OF OZ. In addition to playing Brady in DISMAL, Brent has also appeared in the films BUTCHERED and MY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  Brent Lovell



Gary King

Gary King is an independent filmmaker based in New York. He started his film
career in 2004 with his short film FAVORS. Committed to quality projects, Gary
continued his career with HUBRIS, which appeared in film festivals across the
country and recently completed his first feature film NEW Y ORK LATELY --
which hits the festival circuit in 2009. A big fan of the horror genre, Gary was
delighted when he was offered to direct DISMAL by Fearmakers.


A special thanks goes out to the fantastic crew who made Dismal possible! The full cast and crew listing is on the Internet Movie Database.

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